St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences is to be expanded and become Campus St. Pölten by 2021. The goal is an innovative “Campus of the Future” with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities and future-oriented workspaces.


The new building complex has a gross floor area of 14,600 m². In connection with the existing building, the new campus thus covers a total area of 33,000 m².


Entrance Hall

The open canteen area connects the new entrance hall with the existing multi-level hall, thus offering direct access to the new campus library and the Future Lab. The Campus & Study Centre is the first point of contact for students and visitors.

The Hightlights

  • 16 new seminar rooms
  • Self-learning zone
  • Learning Lab and Learning Café
  • Modern studios and labs
  • Future Lab for the (further) development of new ideas
  • Large library with studying booths
  • Office rooms with modern equipment
  • Green campus promenade

Campus promenade and garden

In the course of the construction of the new building, the outdoor area of the new campus is going to be redesigned as well: a tree-lined campus promenade and the attractive campus garden with plenty of comfortable seating invite visitors to linger.

Future Lab

The flexible use of its furnishing makes the Future Lab the ideal room for joint studying, thinking, visualising and analysing. Projects, research plans and business ideas come to life here and can be further developed and presented.

Selbstlernzone Future Lab


More room will be reserved for the library on the new campus. In addition to a larger number of workspaces, there will be visually and acoustically separated booths which allow users to study and work even more undisturbed than before. The garden outside the library will accommodate a modern open-air classroom – comfortable benches with electricity supply and WLAN make open teaching outdoors possible.



The canteen will grow in size as well and serve as the connecting element between the existing building and the new one. In future, the canteen will offer 240 seats inside and more than 70 in the outdoor area.


Self-Learning Zones & Learning Lab

On a total of about 600 m², the students will have perfectly equipped self-learning zones and a Learning Lab with silent and communicative zones at their disposal for individual use. In this way, breaks between lectures can be ideally used – and there is enough room for group work as well.

Offices and Conference Rooms

The new campus will offer staff members an additional ten conference rooms with modern equipment. What is more, acoustically screened meeting zones allow for undisturbed ad hoc meetings and calls. All office rooms will be furnished in a modern and functional manner. In addition to offices with one to six fixed workplaces, there will also be open workplaces – both silent and communicative. All offices will have wooden floors and sun screening.



When did the project Campus St. Pölten start?

In the autumn of 2015. Staff members from all areas of the UAS were involved in the planning of this innovative “Campus of the Future” which will be equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and study rooms as well as future-oriented workspaces.

Who finances the construction?

The state capital St. Pölten finances the construction and maintenance within the framework of a life cycle model. The federal state of Lower Austria supports the project through a subsidy and the St. Pölten UAS contributes a significant amount of money as well.

How much will the new building cost?

The costs for the new building, including adaptions to the existing building as well as facility management and financing over a period of 25 years, will amount to almost 55 million EUR.

When will the construction begin?

According to the construction schedule, the first stage will start at the beginning of July 2019.

When will the new building be completed?

According to the construction schedule, the new building will be officially handed over to the St. Pölten UAS in September 2021.

Which institutions will be located at the Campus St. Pölten?

The innovative new Campus St. Pölten will house the St. Pölten UAS and the Bertha von Suttner Private University.