Baupreis NÖ: Recognition

Energy Saving in St. Pölten UAS

Campus St. Pölten receives recognition award

"The new building meets the highest user requirements and creates a significant impulse for the steadily growing provincial capital of St. Pölten" was the reason for the recognition at this year's Baupreis NÖ.

Focus on ecological and sustainable construction

The award focuses on the quality of craftsmanship, contemporary design, economical functionality and sustainable construction. The focus of this year's submissions was primarily on ecology and sustainability.

Sustainable construction and operation were already central components in the planning process of the campus, with a focus on ecology, economy and socio-functional aspects. The award of the golden certificate for sustainable educational buildings by the ÖGNI (2021) recognizes the consistent work in the field of sustainability.

Open architecture: space for contemporary teaching, learning, working

Designed as a four-story, white cube and structured with surrounding window bands, the new annex of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and Bertha von Suttner Private University complements the existing building and creates a visual unit with it.

The heart of the new facility is the spacious auditorium, which is lit from above and connects all floors, fulfilling both the function of access and creating exhibition and communication areas.

FH innen.jpeg

Instead of large lecture halls for frontal lectures, the space program provides for laboratories and seminar rooms, as well as comfortably designed workplaces for students and modernly equipped administrative rooms.

FH study rooms.jpeg

The publicly accessible library also scores with workplaces in the campus garden.

About the Baupreis NÖ

80 projects have been submitted to the Lower Austrian Building Award 2022. The Lower Austrian Construction Prize has been awarded since 2006. It was established on the initiative of the Lower Austrian Construction Guild and the province of Lower Austria.