campus.stories: Tatjana Haberl

Tatjana Haberl

The Campus and Study Center staff member tells us about what makes the new campus a “Campus of the Future” for her.

Tatjana is a member of the front office staff of our Campus and Study Center – the first point of contact for students, employees and visitors to the campus. In our interview, she gives us an impression of how her everyday work will change in future and what makes the new campus a future-oriented place to learn and work.

New Service Desk

What are you looking forward to in particular when it comes to the new campus?

Haberl: What I particularly like is that the Campus and Study Center will become much more prominent thanks to its location in the new building and that we will be able to welcome students, visitors and staff members to the UAS at our new Service Desk. Also, a bigger and brighter office will certainly be an upgrade.

How will your daily work change?

Haber: The Service Desk will no longer be located directly in the office rooms of the Campus and Study Center but will be accessible from the main hall. One of our team members will service the Desk permanently during opening hours. Furthermore, there will be a separate counter next to the Service Desk where we can offer consultations.

What is it that makes the new campus a “Campus of the Future” for you?

Haberl: To me, the new campus is a “Campus of the Future” because the staff members and students were integrated into the planning from the very beginning and had their needs taken into account. The staff members will not only have fixed workstations but can also choose between silent and communicative workplaces. As for our students, they will profit from ideally equipped self-study spaces.