Energy-saving measures at the St. Pölten campus

Energy Saving in St. Pölten UAS

We contribute to reducing energy consumption

Rising energy prices are increasing costs for households and businesses. In view of the current situation, the government is calling for energy savings. St. Pölten UAS has also implemented a number of measures to reduce energy consumption.

We are aware of our exemplary function.

"Universities are also feeling the significant increase in energy costs. But with the measures we are not only reducing our costs. We take our responsibility to reduce our energy consumption very seriously. As a university, we have a role model function here, not least in terms of sustainability," says Johann Haag, member of the management board of St. Pölten UAS.

FH St. Pölten has set up a task force for energy-saving measures. "We are also launching an information campaign for employees* and students to motivate them to adopt energy-saving behavior. After all, energy-saving goals are best achieved together," says Haag.

The measures implemented include:

  • Classrooms are ventilated and heated less during unused times (vacation periods).
  • Screens and billboards will be turned off when classes and events are not in session.
  • In the restroom facilities, hot water will not be used at the sink.
  • In the laboratories, unused equipment is switched off via a central switch.
  • Public PCs in computer rooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms and the library are automatically switched off after 2 hours of inactivity.
  • Motion detector times for corridor lighting have been reduced to a minimum.
  • Exterior campus lighting is turned off from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (with the exception of escape route lighting).
  • Printers are put into sleep modes for shorter periods of time.
  • WLAN network components are deactivated during the night.

Intensive planning for energy shortage scenarios

In addition, St. Pölten UAS has prepared an extensive plan for various energy shortage scenarios up to and including a blackout.

Network of sustainable universities

However, environment and sustainability is also a concern for St. Pölten UAS independent of the current situation. For example, St. Pölten UAS is a founding member of the "Sustainable Universities Network" established in 2021.

It comprises twelve universities of applied sciences that have set themselves the goal of working together on the topic of sustainability in a holistic manner, taking into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and of bundling activities.